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Angels and Horses the Series

Quantum Reality – Magical Books

Ages 8-11: The Angels and Horses series explore the adventures of a young girl named Tina, who learns to overcome real-world challenges like a parent's illness and schoolyard bullies with "other worldly" solutions as she learns more about the powers of the "Law of Attraction” and other quantum lessons. Far from being text-book-boring, the series enchants young readers as Tina learns to look beyond physical reality and changes her world at a quantum level with the help of her guardian angel Marguerite, and beloved pet horse Dancer.

 Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits / Workshops include very interactive conversation and activities where we explore some creative thinking; I read brief selections from my books, have some discussion about the animal/human connection, describe some quantum mechanics for kids, and talk about being an author and an artist professionally.



Kimberly has been a professional artist for her entire adult life and has over twenty years experience teaching children and adults. Kimberly spent much of her early life living in Europe. Both her love of horses and art began while living in Italy as a child. Upon returning to the United States at age 18, she began her practice and study of Art. At age 20 she teamed with her mother, Joan Fisher Morell, to create and produce an entire stained glass panorama for a church in upstate New York.


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