Kimberly Wilder Wickham
Media Kit

A little explanation about the “thing” it is an imaginary creature I ‘bring’ with me when I visit schools to spark children’s innate creative genius. We play a game where the imaginary thing passes from child to child and evolves into whatever the child imagines. When I leave their class I leave the “thing” behind.

~ Karen Bramley – 3rd Grade Teacher, Roxbury Central School, NY ~

"Kimberly was a joy to have in my classroom! She was easy to work with and had the children’s attention the whole time! After she left, the children were inspired to write and draw. Even two weeks later they are still talking about her!"

~ Nick V. – 3rd Grade, Roxbury Central School, NY ~

"I think it was cool that you brought the thing with you when you came to visit, and that an author came to our school for real!"

~ Aidan – 3rd Grade, Roxbury Central School, NY ~

"One thing I thought about your visit was I think you were really funny because you left the thing in here. I named him Groopy Gorge. I think you were very nice!"

~ Claudia – 4th Grade, Roxbury Central School, NY ~

"It was cool to have an author visit us. I also thought Kimberly was very nice and interesting. It was funny when she told us some of the stories."

~ Skyler – 4th Grade, Roxbury Central School, NY ~

"Having Kimberly come to 4th graders was good for our class for writing. Kimberly was fun and funny. She told us cool things."


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